A Secret Perhaps Only 3 Out of 100 Small Business Owners Know About!

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You're probably closer to way to build a rock-solid brand with devoted fans who come back to buy from you over and over again than you realize. A lot closer. In fact, chances are that with the right strategies and shortcuts, you could enjoy clients hunting you down for your expertise overnight.

However, before you can enjoy those benefits, you're going to have to do a little work. It should take you about two hours. That's approximately how long it will take you to uncover the way to build a rock-solid brand with devoted fans who come back to buy from you over and over again.

Listen, I know big corporations devote think tanks and $1,000s of dollars in focus group testing to this process. But that's not a problem because I am going to break down guerrilla marketing secrets to build your brand for $30 or less so your customers will pick you out of the crowd- after you apply what I teach you.

Anyway, the secrets I'm about to share with you are highly unusual, but 100% safe and legal. I made sure of that when I painstakingly went through my research to uncover these secrets. And the results are simply amazing. Here are some of the things you can enjoy once you get your hands on my comprehensive branding e-course..

  • Getting clear on your company's brand without spending $3,000 on focus groups
  • 6 ways to exploit your competitive advantage & attract only the best customers
  • 4 ways to identify exactly who your best customers are
  • ABC's of building a brand beyond logos
  • Specifics to generate a logo that defines your brand
  • FREE high-quality logo design resources
  • 3 Top-Secret sources for low-cost custom logos
  • The step-by-step process to create a professional and memorable custom brand for less than $30
  • 3 sure fire strategies to make an impression on your target market
  • 21 places to apply your logo (they're not what you think)

Amazing, but true. And here's something else amazing.

It comes with a 100% Risk-Free Guarantee!

Everything you need to get instant relief from utter marketing mediocrity can be yours once you get your hands on Booming Biz Branding It's easy to follow and understand, and inexpensive. In fact, I'm only asking for $19.95. You can get your copy if your hurry to the bottom of page and click on the checkout button.

And if for any reason you should be dissatisfied, you can simply email me and your $19.95 will be immediately refunded.

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Booming Biz Branding

Thanks for reading and God bless you, whatever you decide to do!

-- Jennifer Glidden

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